England vs Ireland review:

This game under delivered massively. Both teams came of a win and were supposed to be on good form, but in the game there was only one team playing rugby at all. The Irish attacking structures was useless against the rush defense of the English and the English pounced on errors of the Irish and... Continue Reading →

England vs Ireland preview:

This is going to be a massive game and probably the game to watch this weekend. If the conditions are better than what they were against Scotland this game is going to be a thriller. The English who bounced back against Scotland after losing to France in their first game are coming in onto this... Continue Reading →

Wales vs France preview:

This is going to be a very exiting game because Wales is a team that relies on their defense and does not want the bulk of the possession. France on the other hand relies on a very open game to give their teams elusive backs space to run. Wales are going to bring a very... Continue Reading →

Italy vs Scotland preview:

This is the bottom of the table clash, but by no means do I think it is not going to entertaining. Italy lost their previous game against France, but I believe that they where the better team in the second half. They finally attacked with some intensity and they found gaps in the French defense.... Continue Reading →

Scotland vs England preview:

Another mouth watering clash between an up and coming Scotland and an England team that will want to show that they are still the team that made the World-Cup finals. The Scottish team had a great game against Ireland and could have drawn if Hogg just dotted the ball down. England on the other hand... Continue Reading →

Ireland vs Wales preview:

This is going to be a mouth watering clash between two heavyweights of the game and am I looking forward to watching it. Picking my key mach ups was very hard because looking thru the lineups every single position is a key mach up, and I literally can't wait for this game to kick off.... Continue Reading →

England vs France review:

The start of the game was the opposite than what we are used to from England, with the French getting a try in the 6th minute of the game. The English tried to do the mall in the middle of the park like the South-Africans did in the final but it did not work. As... Continue Reading →

Ireland vs Scotland review:

Ireland at the end won this game 19-12, but I don't think that they deserved it. Scotland dominated most of the game and if their influential captain could just dot the ball down they would have been in a prime spot to draw the game. Ireland: They did not have one of their better games... Continue Reading →

Wales vs Italy:

Wales dominated the game by winning 42-0, but they will have to step up against the bigger teams if they want to defend their title. Their scrum was not good enough and Italy really tested them in that area. Wales: Their scrum was not good enough, but they attacked very well and their backline looked... Continue Reading →

France vs England preview:

The French team is on the way up and one of my favorite rugby YouTubers already predicted that they will win the next World-Cup. England just came from a second place and will want to put things right and try to dominate the Six Nations. This is going to be a great game to watch... Continue Reading →

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