Super rugby team of the week round 4:


Taniela Tupou: He finally came to the party and put his name up to be selected for the Aussie team. His stats: Tries-1, Meters-11, Caries-2, Defenders beaten-1, Passes-2, Tackles-3, Missed tackles-0

Thomas du Toit: He had a very good game and made a lot of meters for his team. If he keeps playing like this the Sharks are going to be a very tough team to beet. His Stats: Meters-35, Caries-3, Defenders beaten-4, Clean breaks-1, Passes-4, Tackles-8, Tackles missed-0.


Codie Taylor: He has had another one of his great games and showed why he was the number one pick for the All-Blacks. He is an integral part of the crusaders team being very influential in attack and defence. His stats: Tries-1, Meters-22, Caries-6, Defenders beaten-1, Clean breaks-2 Passes-4, Tackles-8/8.


Angus Blyth: I must be honest it was hard finding stand out locks this week and the two best was the two of the reds, but that could have been because the only played the Sunwolves. His stats: Meters-26, Caries-7, Defenders beaten-1, Clean breaks-1, Passes-3, Offloads-1, Tackles-8/8, Penalties conceded-2.

Izack Rodda: I already explained that there was no stand out locks. His stats: Meters-13, Caries-4 Clean breaks-1, Passes-2, Tackles-3/3.


Cullen Grace: He has made this team twice in a row now and wow does he deserve it. He is great in defence in attack and in the lineouts I do believe that he is going to be an All-Black very soon if he keeps his current form. His Stats: Meters-57, Caries-10, Clean breaks-3, Passes-5, Offloads-2, Try assist-1, Tackles-15/15, Turnovers won-2, Lineouts won-5.

Pete Samu: He was one of the very good players that made it possible for the Brumbies to have the upset of the weekend. He ran hard and gave the Brumbies front foot ball so that they were able to break through the Chiefs defence. His stats: Tries-2, Meters-37, Carries-5, Defenders beaten-4, Clean breaks-2, Passes-2, Tackles-7, Tackles made-1, Turnovers won-2, Kicks-1, Penalties conceded-1.

Rodrigo Bruni: He was one of the very few shining lights in the game against the Stormers and he will definitely be a threat later on in this competition when he gets a bit more experience. His stats: Tries-1, Meters-35, Caries-9, Defenders beaten-3, Clean breaks-1, Passes-3, Tackles made-16/17, Turnovers won-2, Kicks-1, Penalties conceded-1.


Hershel Jantjies: He was back in the starting line up this week and wow I think he is really going to give Faf a run for his money in the Bok’s number 9 jersey. His stats: Tries-1, Meters-73, Caries-6, Defenders beaten-3, Clean breaks-3, Passes-80, Tackles-6, Tackles missed-2, Turnovers won-1, Kicks-9.


Noah Lolesio: I know that there might have been few players that had better stats but I don’t think that there were a more influential player this week. He just came up against the best team in the competition and showed that he is the real deal and even outplayed Aaron Cruden. His stats: Meters-41, Caries-11, Defenders beaten-4, Passes-24, Offloads-3, Tackles-6/6, Kicks-7, Conversions-3.


Andre Esterhuizen: Another one of the players that might not have the best stats but was immense in their win over the Rebels. I realy think that he is one of the best centers but only players like that every now and then he should definitely need to be more consistent. His Stats: Tries-1, Meters-40, Caries-11, Defenders beaten-4, Passes-9, Offloads-1, Tackles-10/13, Turnovers won-3, Kicks-1.

Hunter Paisami: I know that he was only playing against the Sunwolves but wow did he impress. His running is something to behold and if he is able to do that against better teams he wil become a very good player. His stats: Tries-1, Meters-70, Caries-16, Defenders beaten-8, Clean breaks-2, Passes-6, Offloads-2, Tackles-7/9, Turnovers won-1, Kicks-1, Penalties conceded-1.

Back 3:

Makazole Mapimpi: I read a while back that some of his teammates sees him as a legend and after this weekend I saw why. He had a great game again on attack he should sharpen up his defense a bit but who needs defense when you can just outscore the opposition. His Stats: Tries-2, Meters-111, Caries-4, Defenders beaten-5, Clean breaks-2, Passes-3, Tackles-2/5, Penalties conceded-1.

Tom Banks: Yes I had to put in another Brumbie, but I really had no choice he definitely had one of his better games and played like we all know he can. His Stats: Tries-1, Meters-102, Caries-15, Defenders beaten-4, Clean breaks-3, Passes-7, Offloads-1, Tackles-1/1, Kicks-8, Penalties conceded-1.

David Havili: I don’t think that this guy has had a bad game this season he played at ten and was the stand out ten of that round now he is back to fullback and still playing good. Is there anything he can’t do? His stats: Meters-82, Caries-17, Defenders beaten-6, Clean breaks-1, Passes-10, Offloads-5, Tackles-0/1, Kicks-3, Convertions-1.

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